Monday, June 25, 2012

Little Birdy

There is a nest in our eve and momma bird kicked out her baby and it was on our grass for a day before it... well, didn't last in the cold night. Sad but the girls were amused and we took pictures of it.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Hyrum Rodeo

It had been SO long since I had been to a rodeo.

Halle snuggled right up to my mom for the entire thing.

I love that beard.  I saw an ex-boyfriend of mine there.  That is the HUGE draw back of living in Cache Valley again.  I get to see all the people that I NEVER wanted to see again.

Hardly any of the bull riders stayed on for very long.

It was so very hot out there but this is how Kennet watched the rodeo.

Nice hat, Amy. :)

This little guys was riding the horse around after it was all over.  That kid was pretty awesome. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Yep, that's bacon roses, baby!

Darn right!

Unfortunately, Father's Day was  kind of a crazy day and this is about all I did for Josh.  We got home last Saturday night from camping at a cabin, I was being sustained and set apart that day as the Relief Society President and I had to teach Relief Society.  Needless to say, it was kind of hectic but he still got his delicious bacon roses.  Enough said.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Cabin Experience

Our friends, Paul and Alisa have a cabin up the canyon.  Well, more like her parents cabin but we went to spend a couple days and a night there.  We took a ride down to the river in the back of the truck.

The girls loved it.

So cute!

Clearly, Paul got a hold of my camera.

Chloee went on hiking with Paul and Alisa.  She was a hiking animal.  

We played games that night.  Not quite sure what Alisa is doing with her hand. :)

We went out on the paddle boat the next day.  Halle had an "episode".  Surprise, surprise!  We had a great time.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Gunner's Blessing

Josh's sister, Stacie, blessed her baby, Gunner on Sunday, June 10th.  Here are the 3 cuties together.

Josh was honored that she asked him to bless Gunner.  He blessed her other 2 boys as well, so he thought it was pretty cool that he got to do it again.

It was a wonderful day.  We love you Gunner.

Chloee decided that she was going to train Grandma's dog, Spice.
She actually did a pretty good job of getting Spice to follow commands.  

Halle sat on the sidelines and watched.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mom & Dad 35 Years

We sent my parents away for a night for their anniversary and then the next day was my dad's work party at the American West Heritage Center.  My parents wanted to take the kiddos, so that's all the pictures I have of their anniversary.  Nice, I know.

I absolutely adore this picture.  It is priceless.

Thanks mom and dad.  It made cleaning our storage unit for 4 hours much more doable.  We love you guys, congrats on 35 years of marriage.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Chloee's 6th Birthday

 I made Chloee some cake pops.  I asked her if she wanted a cake or cake pops and she picked the cupcake pops.

 The breakfast tradition.  Blow out a candle on your breakfast and you get to open 1 present.

 She got this new dress for church.  Her birthday was on a Sunday so it worked out perfect.

 Yep, she loves to twirl in her dresses.

 Another birthday tradition is to put $1 inside a balloon for every year old they are.

 My mother is... well, amazing!  She made this cake for Chloee for her birthday as a surprise.  It is a Tangled castle cake.  

 Needless to say (because of the look on her face) she LOVED it!

 Thanks Mom!

 Josh just can't help himself.

 That is her pouty platypus face.

 I don't even know but there's mischief in those eyes.

 She's been wanting a hymn book for a long time. 

 I love this picture because I cannot get over how excited she is about a card game.  Granted, it is her favorite card game, but still.

A few nights later, we set off "Tangled" lanterns in our friends backyard.  It was awesome watching Paul and Josh chase them around so that they didn't burn down their field. :)
Happy Birthday, Chloee.  We love you so much!